Where a Politicians actions, comments attitude and manner, are so blatantly outrageous, hostile and inappropriate and where challenged they respond in derisory, converse and threatening terms it seriously brings into question their fitness for office.

Resignations from Public Office have resulted in cases when far less serious matters have been exposed. This Man should resign from Politics.

This site contains confirmation in both documents and audio clips of these facts to specifically draw attention to these issues.

The audio clip headed Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview With Brian Stowell Never Before Heard is particularly revealing.

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Stowells gloating behaviour and witness statements

Witness Statements revealing Brian Stowell’s gloating behaviour.

On Friday 9th April 2010 prior to the vote to decide the new tenant for the squash courts (held on 19th April) Brian Stowell was described as gesticulating wildly and talking in a very happy, gleeful and loud and inappropriate manner about the loss of the squash courts and the demise of the facility.

Witness Statement No. 1
Events and comments in Views Restaurant 9th April 2010 and Brian Stowell

“Myself and three colleagues had booked a table at Views restaurant on the evening of 9th April 2010. I arrived at views with Ann-Marie Clark before my other two colleagues so we went to the bar for a drink until they arrived.

Whilst at the bar I overheard a gentleman, as he was speaking openly and quite loudly, talking to two people. The first comment I heard was about the bid made by the IOMSRA, which he said it was “crap” and that a dance group had sent in a professional bid, well laid and detailing a business plan. He also talked about what the dance group had planned to use the building for with exercises for the elderly. The gentleman, who was unknown to me at this point started talking about how he had been “shafted twice before” and that he wasn’t going to let it happen to him again. He also said that “people can either love me or hate me but they can’t ignore me”.

I got my drinks and sat down at a table, which was close to the bar. Two squash players whom I know came into the bar, Lyndon Cheetham and Alastair Crossley. When they approached the bar the one of the three gentleman asked Lyndon where you are going to play squash now. One of the gentlemen, who I now know is the Chairman of Onchan Commissioners, Mr Brian Stowell, said he knew the answer and that the Courts were going to a Dance group as the decision had already been made.

The response by Mr Stowell was made in manner that I would describe as a gleeful, uncaring and unprofessional. In my view this is not the way a message of this type i.e. a “closed bid” business decision, which affects formal organisations such as the IOMSRA, the Dance Group and any other tenderors, should be relayed. I would have expected more from a person in Public Office as it demonstrated a complete lack of professionalism of the gentleman and the office of Chairman of the Onchan commissioners he represents.

I have read some of the minutes of the Onchan Commissioners and note that the comments made by Mr Stowell should not reflect the personal views of other individual Commissioners. For me what Mr Stowell said as Chairman of the Onchan Commissioners representative is the Onchan Commissioners views.

On the day after I made a point of contacting by telephone one of the commissioners, Mr Kniveton, to express my disgust at what I had overheard Mr Stowell say the previous evening. I also contacted the minister for sport Mr Cretney to express my concern about the decision made by the commissioners as my son is a keen squash player who regularly uses the Onchan Courts.”

Witness Statement No. 2
Events and comments in Views Restaurant 9th April 2010.

“Whilst at View’s bar after a game of squash a man came up to me and said to another man – he plays squash.

The second man started telling me what he had done for squash over the years and recently regarding the club.

He said we (i.e) all squash players had done nothing to help ourselves. I told him that I was not a committee member so don’t blame me.

He went on to say he had told us how to keep the club but the bid put in was something a child could produce. I said well lets hope the vote still goes our way, still having no idea who the man was.

I was shocked when he threw his arms out wide and in a raised voice said squash up hear is finished. I said I don’t think so.

Twice more in a raised voice with the same arm actions he said its finished. He went on to say the courts had been taken off squash.

I was shocked as 30 minutes earlier I had been told by a committee member that the vote had not been made yet.

I was baffled as to who this man could be that seemed knowledgeable and yet be so rude to me. I made a hasty retreat as I thought what a prat.

After finding out that the man was Mr Stowell I was shocked about his attitude and very shocked to find the vote had not in fact taken place.

It left me in no doubt that he was against squash and happy it was going to be lost.”

Witness Statement No. 3
Events and comments in Views Restaurant 9th April 2010.

“Below is an account of events that I saw and heard while visiting Views Restaurant on 9th April 2010.

I was at the restaurant to have a meal with 3 work colleagues and had a table reserved for 8pm.  I arrived with 1 colleague (Keith Whiteway) at approx. 7.45pm and while waiting for the other 2 members of our party we decided to get a drink in the bar area.  As we stood waiting to be served we could clearly hear a conversation taking place between three men drinking at the bar.  One of these men I recognised as Bobby (who frequently visited the former Onchan Squash Club bar) and I was later told one of them was Brian Stowell (chairman of Onchan Commissioners).  I do not know who the third man was.

Mr Stowell was telling the other two about the very recent bids made to take over the lease of the squash courts which are in the same building as Views.  He said that the winning bid was head and shoulders above any of the others submitted, which were all poor in comparison.  He said that it was very professional, with the business plan being put together by an accountant and was the clear winner.  He was very uncomplimentary about the other bids which I thought was unprofessional.  I was also offended by his comments as I knew some of the people who had put in a bid and didn’t think it was fair that he was discussing confidential bids in public, especially when they had no opportunity to defend their business plan.

Mr Stowell then told them about what the new lease owners planned to do with the courts which was to run a dance school but also have other activities such as armchair aerobics and screening films.  There was no mention that there would still be the option to play squash once the new lease holders took over.

I was very disappointed to hear this as all my family play squash and had used the courts at Onchan including my 2 daughters.  To hear that we would no longer be able to use theses courts saddened me but Mr Stowell seemed very happy with the outcome.

As I did not want to put a dampener on the evening I tried to ignore Mr Stowell and enjoy my evening out.  However, he was quite loud (and not easy to ignore) so I overheard another conversation where he was telling the unknown man how someone had “got one over him” a year or so ago and that he wasn’t going to let that happen again.  He said he went out of his way to ensure it didn’t happen again and that people didn’t get the better of him or tell him what he could or couldn’t do.  To me he seemed a man who bears a grudge and likes to make a point.

At this point, 2 gents who had just played squash came into the bar for a drink.  They were asked where they would be playing squash from now on by the unknown man.  One of them (Lyndon) replied that he wasn’t sure what was happening with the courts as he hadn’t heard anything about the outcome of the bids.  Mr Stowell immediately jumped in and told them that they wouldn’t be playing squash at Onchan anymore, as the squash bid to take over the lease had lost out.  Mr Stowell seemed very happy to be telling them this and showed no compassion for the fact they had just lost a sporting facility they had used for many years.  The squash players then asked if this was definite and Mr Stowell replied that it was a done deal, no going back and the end of squash at Onchan.

I was very unhappy with Mr Stowell’s behaviour and thought he was unprofessional and totally unsympathetic to the plight of the squash players, who were losing a specialist facility which is already in short supply in the Isle of Man.  I did not feel that it was behaviour befitting to any commissioner but especially not the chairman.”