Where a Politicians actions, comments attitude and manner, are so blatantly outrageous, hostile and inappropriate and where challenged they respond in derisory, converse and threatening terms it seriously brings into question their fitness for office.

Resignations from Public Office have resulted in cases when far less serious matters have been exposed. This Man should resign from Politics.

This site contains confirmation in both documents and audio clips of these facts to specifically draw attention to these issues.

The audio clip headed Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview With Brian Stowell Never Before Heard is particularly revealing.

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Stowells threats of legal action

Brian Stowell issues written threats of legal action.

BS issued private correspondence to individuals in a clear attempt to intimidate them by adding threats of legal action and even appended JP to his signature in some instances, which is highly inappropriate.

Document One
Letter sent from Brian Stowell on Thursday 29th April 2010.


Document Two
Phone call with Brian Stowell on Thursday 29th April 2010

“I had received a hand delivered letter on the above day from Brian Stowell, which I was not happy about.

I phoned Mr stowell and advised him that I was phoning as myself and not as an official of the IOMSRA.

I asked him why he had sent me a letter to which he replied that it was obvious why. He explained that the IOMSRA had sent a letter to Onchan Commisioners, all MHK’s and press and radio, which was full of lies.

I pointed out that I had no knowledge of the letter till a few days after he had received it and had no input into it’s content and had only seen the letter after I had requested a copy of it. Mr Stowell apologised for his mistake but added that all would become clear in court.

During the conversation I asked him was it true that a couple of weeks ago before the vote on who the lease was awarded to he had been in Views Restaurant and seeing a group of squash players in the bar area he had come over to them and gloated that he had got his own back on squash, that squash at Onchan was finished so where are you going to play now, the dance school has got the lease. Mr Stowell denied making this statement.

After he had rung me back (lost the phone call) he told me that the last person he took to court had got 6 months jail, was made bankrupt and a short time later died of a heart attack just for standing up to what he believed in.

As this statement took me aback I repeated word for word what he had just said to me (in a loud voice so my wife and granddaughter could hear), he confirmed that that was what he had said.

I asked him if what he had just said was a threat, he said no it wasn’t but I told him I was taking it as a threat.”

Document Three
Letter sent from Brian Stowell on Monday 3rd May 2010.


Document Four
Letter sent from Brian Stowell on Saturday 8th May 2010.