Where a Politicians actions, comments attitude and manner, are so blatantly outrageous, hostile and inappropriate and where challenged they respond in derisory, converse and threatening terms it seriously brings into question their fitness for office.

Resignations from Public Office have resulted in cases when far less serious matters have been exposed. This Man should resign from Politics.

This site contains confirmation in both documents and audio clips of these facts to specifically draw attention to these issues.

The audio clip headed Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview With Brian Stowell Never Before Heard is particularly revealing.

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Stowell labels resident “dishonest, back stabbing, lowlife.”

Stowell labels resident “a dishonest, back stabbing, lowlife” through threatening letter.

We have recently recieved a letter Brian Stowell sent to a resident labeling them “a dishonest, back stabbing, lowlife.” As a man who could represent you as MHK we felt it only right to publish the letter in which he truly shows his true colours.