Where a Politicians actions, comments attitude and manner, are so blatantly outrageous, hostile and inappropriate and where challenged they respond in derisory, converse and threatening terms it seriously brings into question their fitness for office.

Resignations from Public Office have resulted in cases when far less serious matters have been exposed. This Man should resign from Politics.

This site contains confirmation in both documents and audio clips of these facts to specifically draw attention to these issues.

The audio clip headed Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview With Brian Stowell Never Before Heard is particularly revealing.

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We all have a right to expect MHK’s to be good and respectable people. The public has now made their decision and cast their votes resulting in a resounding defeat for Brian Stowell.

This website exists as it’s name suggests to state only the facts and the truth. Having done so the public have now made their decision and cast their votes resulting in a resounding defeat for Brian Stowell. If we have assisted in achieving this result, unlike Brian Stowell, we have no desire to gloat.

We would simply comment that having been made aware of the facts and the truth about Brian Stowell the voters have decided that there is no place in public office for such an individual who through his own self interest and vindictiveness displayed throughout this website would surely drag politics down to an all time low. The massive number of visits to the website and the number of supporters it has received has been astounding.

The shear astonishment of people at Brian Stowells hostile and arrogant attitude exposed in this website especially in the audio clips and the amazingly vicious letter he sent to a local resident have undoubtedly resulted in the position he finds himself in today. There is nowhere left for him to hide now and no more excuses to be made and he only adds injury trying to play the victim after being indefensibly exposed by what he’s said and done. He has no one to blame but himself and even he must realise by now that the public doesn’t want him.

As a result of being exposed Brian Stowell’s continuing position on the Board of Onchan Commissioners was made untenable and this website understands that he has now resigned.

  1. Anonymous on 6th October 2011

    Following his defeat and resignation, Stowell now tries to gerrymander the political system in Onchan.
    Stowell puts forward his own candidate for election (James Corrin) and says that a by-election would be a pointless exercise. (Manx Radio 6th Oct)
    Sorry Mr Stowell, but I would actually like to vote on the matter – and it won’t be for your puppet.

  2. Redundancies on 1st October 2011

    This is also the chap who masterminded the raft of redundancies amongst the skilled tradesmen employed by th Onchan Commissioners, ensuring they got the worst possible redundancy packages legally possible. Both myself and my daughter with special needs thank you heartily for that Mr. Stowell…although I have been in constant employment since being made redundant, I have not had a day off to spend with my lass since then because as a subbie I will take whatever work is available. Over a year now without so much as a week in the back garden. Still, as long as you and yours are ok, hey?

  3. A wise and principled old man with a life.s worth of experience. on 30th September 2011

    Even after his crushing defeat in the election where the public have voted there opinion of his attempts to become an MHK. Stowell continues to comment how he’s been hard done to. The man is certifiable and beneath contempt and he has no one to blame for his predicament other than himself,

  4. Mike Heb on 30th September 2011

    Well done to the publishers of this website! Mr Stowell’s true colours are revealed by his own words and actions and the public of Onchan have made their opinions of his deplorable behaviour known through Mr Stowell finishing in last place in yesterday’s elections. Maybe he should take up a sport now he has more free time – squash perhaps!

  5. shocked and stunned on 28th September 2011

    I,ve just read the letter Mr Stoweel wrote labeling a resident a dishonest, backstabbing low life.
    Whatever the reason, as a politician in public life how on earth can he get away with that. Why don’t his piers remove him from office. He is a disgrace and any poitician displaying this level of open hostility should be removed from office forthwith and prosecuted.
    Why don.t the newspapers write a story on his mind blowing arrogant activities.
    Thank you so much for exposing him on your site

  6. Name here (optional) on 28th September 2011

    Stowell is nothing more than a foul mouthed bully. Lost my vote too.

  7. Onchan Resident on 28th September 2011

    I had heard “rumours” about this persons morals but this website shows facts. Apparently he calls himself a dictator on his facebook page. This is all astonishing, but not surprising. He will not be getting my vote, or any of my family or friends in Onchan. (and I have a lot)

  8. Name here (optional) on 28th September 2011

    Ok, one more vote down…. the nice brochure Mr. Stowell produced had my vote so thank you for showing me the light. In this day and age we don’t need more secrets, lies or politicians working for their own gain.

  9. A very Concerned Citizen on 28th September 2011

    I am not surprised by the alleged revelations in this website – there have been plenty stories around about him.

    I also understand that Mr Stowell is strongly nationalistic (in itself no bad thing) but he also is thought of as hostile to non Manx and not at all ”come-over friendly”.

    None of this is a proper basis for fair and competent representation on any local authority let alone as an MHK for any House of Keys constituency.

    I sincerely hope that for the best interests of everyone that he is soundly defeated.

  10. Miss Misc on 27th September 2011

    I’ve been unfortunate enough to have dealings with this person in a professional capacity, it was unpleasant!

  11. Anonymous on 27th September 2011

    We have had very personal experience with this appalling man receiving the most obnoxious letter from him. We have been very tempted to publish our letter in the run up to this election

  12. Name here (optional) on 27th September 2011

    Certainly wouldn’t want anyone of this calibre representing me within Tynwald.

  13. ANON on 26th September 2011

    Well written Article. Thank you for sharing. I am voting for Zac Hall. Breath of Fresh air.

  14. G_Unit on 26th September 2011

    If you want change and want something good to happen for your village vote for Zac Hall. Vote Zac Hall and Peter Karran. Zac is new hes young and has some great ideas . Peter is the only current MHK who doesnt lie or try to sugarcoat anything. Zac Hall for Onchan

  15. Name here (optional) on 26th September 2011

    The pre-broadcast interview just shows the calibre of this, so called, politician. The rest is a catalogue of events that I am aware of and is true fact. Make your decisions accordingly voters.

  16. Anonymous on 26th September 2011

    I new there had been a problems with the squash courts but having now read all the information I will not use my vote for certain people in the election.

    Good luck and thanks for making the information public.

  17. Onchan Rate Payer on 26th September 2011

    The man is nothing but a arrogant bully, imo.

    Whilst I won’t be voting Stowell, i won’t be voting Earnshaw either. He’s more like the Village Idiot as far as i’m concerned.

  18. Stowell sticks head in sand on 24th September 2011

    Stowell and Kelly voted to abandon recycling in Onchan I was informed of this by an MHK if he wants the planet in a mess what chance does our Island stand if he were voted into goverment

  19. Name here (optional) on 23rd September 2011

    Have looked at Brian Stowell’s Facebook page…

    listed under his political views, “I am a dictator” that says it all really!

  20. Name here (optional) on 23rd September 2011

    At last this man is exposed. He is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the local builder of a golf club in Santon

  21. Anonymous on 23rd September 2011

    thats one vote down!

  22. Name here (optional) on 15th September 2011

    i’d like to see Mr Stowell make a formal response to the allegations in the website

  23. Name here (optional) on 8th September 2011

    What a fantastic well written web site to expose a man who does not deserve to even sweep the roads!!!! what a disgrace

  24. Local squash player on 4th September 2011

    This site shows the ‘true colours’ of this man… I certainly wouldn’t want this guy making decisions as my MHK or Commissioner.

    I think in this instance, when it comes to the election voting he ‘will be ignored’ much to his apparent arrogant manner saying that he ‘doesn’t get ignored’.

    Mr Stowell, I wish no ‘zero’ luck in your campaign and think you should hang up your hat in Manx Politics and crawl under a rock somewhere.