Where a Politicians actions, comments attitude and manner, are so blatantly outrageous, hostile and inappropriate and where challenged they respond in derisory, converse and threatening terms it seriously brings into question their fitness for office.

Resignations from Public Office have resulted in cases when far less serious matters have been exposed. This Man should resign from Politics.

This site contains confirmation in both documents and audio clips of these facts to specifically draw attention to these issues.

The audio clip headed Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview With Brian Stowell Never Before Heard is particularly revealing.

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Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview with Brian Stowell Never before Heard

Startling Revelations Revealing a Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview with Brian Stowell Never before Heard.

This revealing Pre-Broadcast Radio Interview with Brian Stowell prior to going on air has never before been heard and includes:

A reference to Harvey Smith (legendary Show jumping Horseman) who famously stuck his two fingers up at the Judges. Brian Stowell does it to the Squash fraternity!!

An admission – The worst part of it is I’m a Director of (another facility) who has Squash courts. An obvious conflict of interest!!

Objection – against Onchan Football Club!!

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  1. Mike on 26th September 2011

    The comment made by Bill is completely missing the point. we squash players used to have a life, and a great place to play our sport at onchan until stowell closed it because of his personal hostility towards us. bill must be reading a different website to me if he can’t see that. and there is surely nothing more worrying on the iom than having a hostile self interested rogue politician as even a commissioner let alone an mhk and certainly nothing as important as preventing it from happening. i thing it’s quite right to bring the facts to the attention of the public who are not stupid and will decide for themselves who to vote for. i think it’s a fair bet it won’t be Stowell. Sorry Bill.

  2. Bill on 23rd September 2011

    wtf – get a life squash players, there is a lot more important worrying things happening on the IOM.

  3. Steve Conway on 7th September 2011

    How can this man possibly have the best interests of the onchan comunity whom he hopes to represent at heart when he himself is responsible for closing a venue that cost the ratepayers thousands of pounds to build.
    You can dance anywhere but a squash court is soley for that purpose, is this just a personal vendetta against squash players?